Elevate your VR game at Level Up

Experience the impossible! We aren't your typical VR arcade. We bring exciting free-roaming VR to Frederick MD.

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Three people wearing VR headsets, hands raised. Immersed in a virtual reality arcade.

Two ways to play VR games

Explore a social and interactive experience at Level Up VR in Frederick MD! All of our games are played in free-roaming virtual reality arenas with your friends.

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Where Every Move Counts!

VR Arena Games

Dive into VR arena games, from zombie shootouts to team cooking challenges. Cooperate or compete against your friends. Varying difficulties and endless replayability. Book a time slot and play up to 8 different games in one session.

A girl with a VR headset happily playing.
Solve, Succeed, Escape!

VR Escape Rooms

Challenge your mind in our VR Escape Rooms. Team up to solve puzzles and experience adventures in impossible settings. Every clue, every second counts. Book your 45 minute escape room today. Can you escape?

A man with a VR headset thinking inquisitively.



Why Level Up?

Full Immersion

We take immersion to the next level. We use the newest VR headsets and haptic vests to maximize every sight, sound, and sensation. We want to level up your reality.

A duo with VR headsets looking around while playing a game.

Fun with Friends

Share Unforgettable Moments. See and interact with your friends in VR games. These aren't your normal VR arcade games. Our games are designed for a perfect night out with friends.

Three people with VR headsets aiming in while smiling.

Games for All

Whether you are brand new to virtual reality or a professional gamer, there's something for everyone. From thrilling adventures to collaborative puzzles and family-friendly experiences.

Stay Social

Our VR experiences are complemented by a welcoming lounge and versatile party space, perfect for relaxing with friends or celebrating special occasions.

Are you ready to Level Up?

Experience cutting-edge VR games and escape rooms at Level Up VR in Frederick MD. Unforgettable fun awaits!

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